Thunder Cut 2920


Combine intelligent cutting / creasing functions:
Meet all your creative processing demands.
Cut labels of any shape
Cut / crease any type of cardboard.
Accurate automatic positioning system
With high-definition CCD camera, it performs automatic and accuratepositioning of various materials, automatic contour cutting, solving problems such as manual positioning andand print deformation, to achieve simple and accurate cutting purposes.
Barcode management system
Barcode scanning enables fast reading of cutting activities.
Automatic feeder
Fully automatic feeding system for more efficient production. It is suitable for automatic processing of printed materials in short runs.
It's easy to operate, one click to start, no need for complicatedsetups
Integrated Design
The machine adopts integral welding frame, ergonomically designed and small in size.
The smallest model occupies 2m² and the wheels facilitate the movement.
Automatic loading device
It can automatically load sheets of material on the cutting table
continuously, stack of material up to 120mm (400 pieces of 250g cardboard).